1. Green Irish Tweed Vol 3
    Roy of The Ravers

  2. Fliperama Ascent
    Pet 2000

  3. The Kingdom of Scotland
    Romeo Taylor

  4. Data Rainbow

  5. A Soldier To Cry On
    Donnay Soldier

  6. Green Irish Tweed Vol 2
    Roy of The Ravers

  7. Kosher Beats Volume 1
    Moishe Moishe Moishele

  8. Superjovian Tracks Vol 3

  9. Charity Waxmas

  10. Green Irish Tweed Vol 1
    Roy of The Ravers

  11. Melchester Acid EP
    Roy of The Ravers

  12. Superjovian Tracks Vol 2

  13. Acid for Holistic Enhancement & Spiritual Liberation
    Fuun Haus

  14. Lost Creatures
    Lost Creatures

  15. Night Angels 2 - The B-road Interceptor
    Night Angels

  16. Superjovian Tracks Vol 1

  17. Twenty20 Volume 3
    Roy of The Ravers

  18. Acid For Goblins

  19. Live at Ravintola 931

  20. Twenty20 Volume 2
    Roy of The Ravers

  21. Twenty20 Volume 1
    Roy of The Ravers

  22. Plic Ploc

  23. The Melchester Mixtape
    Roy of The Ravers

  24. Body Transfer Illusion Volume 1
    Vodor L Zeck

  25. Fenix Break
    Roy of The Ravers

  26. Worldin'

  27. Mega Double 20
    Musique Chienne

  28. Minsk Odyssey

  29. Crystal Maze EP
    AYU Acid

  30. Charity Waxmas EP

  31. Top of The League For Acid!!!!
    Roy of The Ravers

  32. Heading For A Feast of Acid!!!!
    Roy of The Ravers

  33. Copse

  34. Night Angels
    Night Angels

  35. Who Are Ya??
    Roy of The Ravers

  36. Pillow Person Remixes

  37. Slide Blinders

  38. Wax Jackettes Volume 1
    Various Artists

  39. I Just Disco
    Your Planet Is Next

  40. En Trance 10
    Roy of The Ravers

  41. Acid Royale
    Roy of The Ravers

  42. Tintagel House

  43. 2 Late 4 Love EP
    Roy of The Ravers

  44. Gaia
    Gem Tree

  45. Live at The Font
    Roy of The Ravers

  46. Understanding Disintegration

  47. Anamoth
    Chris Moss Acid

  48. 2 Late 4 Love
    Roy of The Ravers

  49. Acidalius

  50. Anus Family Taco Caravan
    Acid Elf

  51. Live at The Sugar Club
    Automatic Tasty


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Klass label home to many legendz (demos from women and LGBTQ+ producers only)

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